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Save Our Care Homes is an organisation made up of owners of Independent Residential and Nursing homes. Along with disillusioned members of the public whose loved ones they believe should have received care within a loving care home and not in the community. They all believe that they, and most of all the frail elderly are being let down by the current system of care in our country. Which is concerned only with saving money under the disguise of caring?
We wish to raise awareness of the current problems and hope that many good people across Great Britain will join our campaign.


Independent Nursing and Residential homes for the elderly are closing at a vast rate every week across the United Kingdom. Council care homes fare no better under the current regime Very soon there will not be many left Very soon it will be the families of our elderly who have to take on the full burden of care with very little support. This is happening primarily for two reasons

  1. Introduction of care in the community is forcing homes to close because of lack of new patients or residents making the situation no longer viable to continue.

  2. Most care homes are independent businesses councils and health authorities provide with little exception grossly inadequate funding for services rendered making continuation impossible for financial reasons.

Most care homes in the country receive only between £2.12pence per hour and £3.98 per hour for each resident or patient based on a weekly rate.

These sums are to provide:

  • 24 HOUR CARE either full Nursing or Residential

  • Adequate staffing levels to provide that care

  • Food - Light - Heat

  • Entertainment

  • Administration

How many Politicians Bankers and Bureaucrats would be prepared to take up that task

Closing homes is a stealth way of marginalising the care we provide for our elderly
If we do not act to save our care homes NOW we will have none or very few. A whole institution that has been built up over many decades and has with very little exception given vital care and support to loved ones and their families will be lost.


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